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  • Powder Funnel Expander, 9mm


    New improved 9mm S3 Reload™ Powder Funnel for Dillon presses.  This powder funnel replaces the funnel/ expander on Dillon powder-drop tools. The S3 Reload will correctly flare both NAS³ and brass 9mm Luger cases enabling proper seating of the bullet during indexing of the shell plate. The S3 Reload powder funnel design: Is made from wear resistant…

  • Reloading Die Wrench


    S3 Reload Universal Reloading Die Wrench   8-in-1 universal wrench for Dillon, Hornady, Lee, RCBS and other reloading dies/ reloading presses. Made out of strong hardened steel. Tighten die locknuts with ease even with limited reloading press space. Made in USA   Note: The bullet will only require a light crimp, the nickel alloy used in…