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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have high-volume/ OEM pricing?

Yes. The vast majority of our sales are to OEMs (ammunition manufacturers). A high-volume price list is available on request. Simply email us at

If I order cases off this website, how long will they take to arrive?

December 2022 Update: We’re currently aiming to fulfill orders for the volumes listed on our website in approximately 1-2 weeks.

Are Shell Tech’s NAS³ cases available in different calibers?

Shell Tech has 9mm Luger and .380 ACP cases immediately available on our website with other calibers available to order by contacting us at Over the next 12-18 months or so we’re intending to introduce all popular pistol and rifle calibers – the exact timing and sequence of these product introductions will be driven by our customers (primarily ammunition manufacturers) and market demand. Our website will be regularly updated with news, product introductions, etc.
Can I buy Shell Tech cases with colored bases?

As Shell Tech’s cases are made in two parts, the bases can be colored, but this coloring is done on a different process to the regular high-volume production and adds some additional cost (approximately 4 cents per case depending on the color chosen). The minimum batch size needed for this coloring operation is 500,000 units. Normally the bases are given a protective coating in a bulk process prior to assembly, but the colored bases are anodized which means that all the bases have to be individually placed on a large rack (to allow current to flow to each piece).

Several of Shell Tech’s customers (ammunition manufacturers) are offering colored cases, but we don’t have any colored ones for sale on our site yet. If any of the colors end up being particularly popular, they’ll be added to the shop section of Shell Tech’s website.

Why do I need a set of special reloading dies?

S3 Reload dies are required for reloading the Shell Tech's pistol cases.

Shell Tech’s NAS³ cases are made in 2 pieces; a nickel-alloy cylinder and an aluminum base. In addition to being manufactured from different materials than brass cases, the NAS³ cases also perform differently once fired. For example, the NAS³ cylinder has a much higher tensile strength than brass, meaning that it returns to virtually its original size when fired.

As the NAS³ cases return to virtually their original size when fired and require no trimming, the S3 Reload dies (combined with the use of lubricant) are designed to prolong the case life and maximize the number of reloads. Part of how this is achieved is by having a spring inside the die that pushes the case out of the die, instead of pulling from the base rim (as with conventional brass cases). This spring-assisted mechanism avoids placing unnecessary stress on the joint between the two pieces and reduces damage to the base rim. The S3 Reload dies are threaded to fit all popular bench-top reloading equipment. More details on the S3 Reload dies can be found here along with instructions and instructional videos.

How should NAS3 cases be cleaned?

Shell Tech’s NAS3 cases usually require very little cleaning after being fired and most people tend to just use soap and water. If you would like to use any particular media for cleaning the cases, that should be fine and won’t damage the cases, but it isn’t strictly necessary.

Do you ship overseas?

Shell Tech is fully registered with all relevant export authorities, and ships overseas to multiple customers. In order to process overseas orders, the following items are usually required:

  • A Letter of Intent (LOI) describing what the cases are going to be used for. The LOI should include the specific wording found here. Alternatively, the same specific wording can be included on the PO
  • The details of the exporter you’d like to use. We can recommend one if you’d prefer (you’d pay the exporter directly).
  • The details of any import permits (or similar paperwork) required
  • A PO for the items required
  • Payment via electronic transfer. Shell Tech’s bank details for international transfers are available on request from
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