Powder Funnel Expander, 9mm


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New improved 9mm S3 Reload™ Powder Funnel for Dillon presses.  This powder funnel replaces the funnel/ expander on Dillon powder-drop tools. The S3 Reload will correctly flare both NAS³ and brass 9mm Luger cases enabling proper seating of the bullet during indexing of the shell plate. The S3 Reload powder funnel design:

  • Is made from wear resistant hardened stainless steel
  • Will out-last original OEM powder funnel
  • Reduces friction during flaring operation
  • Is manufactured by S3 Reload

Note: The bullet will only require a light crimp, the nickel alloy used in our case cylinder has a much higher tensile strength than brass and does not require the bullet be seated as deeply or crimped as hard as brass.  If you find the bullet spins or appears lose after crimping it is a strong indication that the bullet is seated too deep in the case. For more information on the installation and use of S3 Reload products, please contact the manufacturer at s3reload.com

Click here for video instructions