Reloading Die Wrench


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S3 Reload Universal Reloading Die Wrench


8-in-1 universal wrench for Dillon, Hornady, Lee, RCBS and other reloading dies/ reloading presses.

  • Made out of strong hardened steel.
  • Tighten die locknuts with ease even with limited reloading press space.
  • Made in USA


Note: The bullet will only require a light crimp, the nickel alloy used in our case cylinder has a much higher tensile strength than brass and does not require the bullet be seated as deeply or crimped as hard as brass.  If you find the bullet spins or appears lose after crimping it is a strong indication that the bullet is seated too deep in the case. For more information on the installation and use of S3 Reload products, please contact the manufacturer at

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