Sizing and Flaring Dies, 9mm

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Reloading Die Sets for Shell Shock’s 9mm NAS³ Cases

Set 1

Set 2

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S3 Reload dies are required for reloading Shell Shock’s pistol cases (as our cases are not only a different material than a brass case, they also end up being a different physical shape after firing – NAS³ cases spring back to virtually their original size after being fired).

No special dies are required to seat the bullet or crimp our 9mm NAS³ cases. The only thing to bear in mind is that our cases only require a very light touch with the crimping die as the tensile strength of the stainless steel cylinders tends to grip a bullet tighter than a brass case would.

These dies are specially designed to enable the reloading of Shell Shock’s 9mm Luger NAS³ cases. The sizing and flaring dies feature a unique spring-loaded mechanism to push cases out of the die, instead of pulling cases out using the rim/ ejector groove.

The body of the sizing die and its carbide insert are manufactured by Lee Precision. The other components of these set are manufactured by S3 Reload.

As long as the overall length of the cases after sizing and flaring  is within SAMMI specifications, the cases are suitable to be loaded and fired. For more information on the installation and use of S3 Reload dies, please contact the die manufacturer at

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