Shell Tech’s cases featured in America’s 1st Freedom

May 8 2016 – Shell Shock’s new NAS3 cases featured in America’s 1st Freedom Article – These Aren’t Your Daddy’s Cartridges

Article by Frank Winn, Guns & Gear Editor

“We think Shell Shock Technologies is about to shake things up in theammunition world.                Big time”

“We raced home with the provided samples and shot them in every 9 mm we could round up. It was hard not to be impressed from every perspective, and there are a whole lot of those” 

“The big one is that they shoot just great”

“The cases are the reloader’s dream made real—magnetically retrievable” 

“Sub 1” 10-shot groups were no problem at middling ranges” 

“At 50 percent lighter in weight, these will ride noticeably lighter on the belt or in a mag pouch”

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Shell Shock Article in America’s 1st Freedom by Frank Winn