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Sizing and Flaring Dies, 9mm

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Sizing and Flaring Dies, 9mm


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Set comprises: 
 • 1 x S3 Reload carbide 9mm Luger sizing / de-capping die
 • 1 x S3 Reload 9mm Luger expanding / flaring die

These dies are specially designed to enable the reloading of Shell Shock’s 9mm Luger NAS3 cases, the dies can also be used with conventional brass 9mm Luger cases.
  • Dies designed to work with all bench-top reloading presses.
  • Dies feature a unique spring-loaded mechanism to push cases out of the die, instead of pulling cases out using the rim/ ejector groove
Dies manufactured by S3 Reload

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New NAS3 cases come sized, flared and are ready to load; there is no need to resize or flare a new NAS3 case. Just install a primer, drop in the powder and press in the bullet.  You may also discover that the bullet requires a very light crimp. The cylinder portion of an NAS3 case is made of a high-tensile nickel alloy which has twice the tensile strength of brass.

The S3 Reload die set includes both a sizing and flaring die to ensure that the NAS3 cases achieve the maximum possible number of reloads.

The S3 Reload dies have been successfully tested with 5-station Hornady, RCBS and Lee presses, for these presses the S3 Reload flaring die can be mounted in the station prior to the powder drop.

For Dillon press models that feature an integrated flaring and powder-drop tool, the standard Dillon flaring tool (with its integrated powder drop) can be used instead of the S3 Reload flaring tool provided that 1) the S3 Reload sizing tool is used in the initial sizing station 2) the flaring die is well lubricated.

As long as the overall length of the cases after sizing and flaring (using either both S3 Reload dies or the combination of S3 Reload sizing die + Dillon flaring die) is within SAMMI specifications, the cases are suitable to be loaded and fired.

For more information on the installation and use of S3 Reload dies, please contact the die manufacturer at

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